Thursday, 15 September 2011

Finding A Storage Space In Houston

Searching a right storage space to accommodate your stuffs

The major concern is be to find a Houston storage unit that provides you with enough space you require. The space should be neither less nor more. It makes storage  much more cost effective than simply taking one of the more prominent, nationwide storage operations.

Selection of storage unit

The storage unit should have a friendly and knowledgeable staff of storage consultants; you can count on finding the right kind of unit for your needs.  The staff should be ready to offer you service as no other facility can. Prices should be lower than any of our competitors in the area.

The following list enumerates some suggested guidelines for rental:

5’x5’, 5’x7’, and 5’x10’ Units

This size is recommended for residents moving out of single bedroom apartment.
7.5’x10’ Units

This size is highly recommended this for Houston residents moving out of large one bedroom condos or for persons with more personal belongings and large furniture items.
10’x10’ Units

These units are recommended for residents moving out of offices and 2-room apartments.  It provides plenty of space for residential or office furnishings.
This size unit is recommended for 3-4 Rooms apartments, or for any business setup.

It is equivalent to a one-car garage in terms of size and is an ideal for the Houston collector or business owner with a higher number of individual boxes and items.

For mid-sized companies, large storage spaces ranging from 10’x30’, 7.5’x34’, 10’x34’, 12’x34’, 15’x34’, and 18’x34’ is recommended. You do not have to guess to determine which of these units is convenient for you.  Just ask a storage consultant, and he or she will help you make the good decision based upon the size and storage facilities of your belongings.  Owners of more than one vehicle, boats, and RVs should definitely consult about Mini-Storage because it also has facilities for their vehicle storage needs.

Things to be kept in mind while finding a storage-space in Houston

Finding a storage space in Houston that is just right for your needs can be difficult.  Climate is a major concern in a city because heat and humidity provide an ideal condition for breeding of mold and mildew which can destroy all your belongings in a storage unit.  Monitoring is another major issue. Gates, doors and elevator should be monitored 24 hours a day.

Facilities provided by mini storage companies

While looking for mini storage facilities you should check

•    if it offers Indoor Loading Dock Facilities.
•    It should be centrally located to the major metropolitan business district and area residential neighborhoods.
•    Information about insurance for both commercial and residential clients should be taken care of.
Choose a company a company that works at your convenience

One of the things that the company should provide is convenient accessibility.  You don’t have to worry about parking across the lot in the loading dock in the rain like you do at some Houston storage facilities. Some Mini-Storage also offers boxes, locks, tape, and other moving supplies at prices far below our competitors and home-improvement warehouses.